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York Arms - AR-15 Receivers

York Arms is offering custom AR-15 lowers. These are forged and fully CNC machined lower receivers resulting in no forging flash. They can have your custom serial number and custom selector markings at no extra charge. Custom magwell engraving is available but will be priced on a case by case basis. Standard finish will be mil-spec hard coat anodized finish in black, hydropdip finishes are also available.

Cost is $330 delivered to your local FFL dealer.

As these are going to be custom, there are a few options available for anyone who places a pre-order.

  • Custom serial numbers are available, no charge, just specify what you'd like.

  • Custom selector engravings are available. SAFE/SEMI/AUTO, SAFE/SEMI, SAFE/FIRE, SAFE/SEMI/GIGGLE SAFE/FIRE/SHTF, Pause/Play/Fast Forward icons, and even Safe/"Fill your hands you son of a bitch" for you Rooster Cogburn fans. Any other custom selector markings can be accomodated, just let me know what you'd like. There is not a lot of space in the 'auto' position, 5 characters fits nicely, 6 can be done.

  • Caliber - It can be marked for any caliber you like. MULTI is fine, as well as 5.56mm or .487 Horseradish. If you can come up with a name for a wildcat, it can be marked as such.

  • By default there is zero engraving on the magwell. Some folks like it blank, some like to use the space for their own design. Engraving in this space is available, but will be at an extra charge.

  • York Arms can convert your artwork to and engraving ready format for a nominal fee. Feel free to submit non-copyright images, or give us an idea and we'll sketch something out.

    There are some other options available as well... While we manufacture custom lowers, we can build them into a custom rifle of your choosing (we are now offering in-house 223Wylde and 300BLK barrels too!) and these can even be delivered as Short Barreled Rifles. There is no upcharge for a SBR.

    Just drop an email !

    Some custom markings :

    Some sample lower receivers :

    additional magwell images: